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Ganges Garden Club 193-7
2nd Thursday 7:00 PM
18 Members,
1 Honorary Member
Kity Company
7253 Bowman St.
Plymouth, OH 44865
419 571-3043

Shiloh Town & Country 692-7
2nd Monday 1:00 PM
6 Members
Jyne Boock
100 W. Main St.
Shiloh, OH
No Email

Weeds Beware Garden Club 988-7
3rd Tuesday 2:00 PM
12 Members
Lucy Teeter
347 W Durbin Circle
Bellville, OH 44813

On May 22nd OAGC(Ohio Association of Garden Clubs) Ganges Club members Phyllis Brown, Gayle Davis, and Judy Hess along with other area garden club members planted containers in the Mansfield downtown / Carousel street area.

: Owner Sally Daron assists OAGC Ganges Garden Club member Gayle Davis during her club’s recent visit to the Plymouth Springmill Road Daron Farm’s Greenhouse.

OAGC Ganges Garden Club members began their May 10th meeting with a shopping trip to the Daron Farm Greenhouse, Plymouth Springmill Road, Plymouth, where the staff members pride themselves on personal service and product quality. Members returned to the home of Kitty Company for their business meeting and program on songbirds presented by club member Roberta Wilson.
Some club members will plant planters during the annual decorate downtown Mansfield project on May 22nd. The club is initiating a new project of recognizing outstanding landscaping/gardening projects in Mansfield through northern Richland County during the 2012 summer. Potential categories include residential landscaping, community commercial landscaping, and community landscaping. Members will nominate area landscaping/gardening projects presenting OAGC(Ohio Association of Garden Club) certificates to winners.
The next meeting will be at the home of Kay Jenney on June 14th. Program includes a garden walk through the Jenneys garden.
Monthly Garden Hint: To attract butterflies and hummingbirds, a flower very seldom mentioned is “Purple Homestead” verbena or any verbena . . . they love it.

JUDY HESS with her Best of Show Arrangement

Judy Hess of Ganges Garden Club won Best of Show at Richland County OAGC’s(Ohio Association of Garden Clubs) recent 2012 spring flower arrangement clubs' competition.

Eight members of OAGC(Ohio Association of Garden Clubs) Ganges Garden Club reconvened from a winter break by meeting at the home of member Fran Miller on Thursday, March 8th.
The club has been selected to landscape one of six cottages at the south eastern Ohio Salt Fork Creek Lodge and Conference Center in upcoming May. This is a repeat project from 2010 when members won the state wide competition of Ohio clubs who competitively landscaped 25 Salt Fork cottages.
Members discussed the upcoming Region 7’s meeting to be held at Apple Valley meeting hall on April 16th.
Club member and vice-president Charlene Kuhn presented a program on bee keeping.
The next meeting will be held at 7 P.M. on April 12th at the home of member Sherry Huff.
Monthly Garden Hint: Bluebirds do not eat bird seed, only worms and insects. In March, put a bluebird house out 90 feet from our home. If you have space, put the house in an open field.

Ganges Garden Club visits Kingwood Center, 2011.
Holiday Greetings -

Club news regarding OAGC Ganges Garden Club December activities.

Eight members of OAGC(Ohio Association of Garden Clubs) Ganges Garden Club celebrated the holiday season on Thursday, December 8th by touring the Kingwood Center Mansion’s "Excursion to the North Pole" Christmas display.

The Hall’s Santa's workshop theme was created by Kingwood staff, volunteers, and thirteen area garden clubs. Attendees voted for the best gingerbread house from several entries by "kids" of all ages on display in the Assembly Room amid decorated trees and model trains.

Kingwood’s Senior gardener Charles Applegate entertained guests by playing the piano. Club members concluded the evening of fun by dining at Johnny Biggs.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Kitty Company / OAGC Ganges Garden Club
The following information was reported to the local paper by Ganges Garden Club Member Kathleen Company disclosing their contributions to the recent Region 7 Fall Meeting.

A creative ambiance was set at the October 26th region 7 fall meeting of the OAGC(Ohio Association of Garden Clubs) by Ganges Garden Club members.

Amanda Lantz and husband Steve welded a variety of scrap metal containers in which Amanda and club members Judy Hess and Barb Lantz created an array of floral arrangements.

All were auctioned off at the conclusion of the daily event.

Amanda won “Best of Show” entitled “Diamonds Are Forever” in the flower competition.

Guest presenters included Josh Dyer, Crawford County Conservationist, speaking on “Who’s in Your Garden”(what insects) and show judge Naomi Ormes “Who’s in Your Design”(critiquing arrangements).

Region 7 of OAGC represents 489 members from Ashland, Crawford, Delaware, Knox, Marion, Morrow, Richland, and Wyandot counties.